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What is Co-codamol?

  • By Admin
  • Sep 06, 2022
What is Co-codamol?

Co-codamol is a certified generic analgesic that combines two different types of pain medicines to create a powerhouse medication certified to treat acute to moderate pain. This medication contains a popular opioid medication, codeine phosphate, and acetaminophen, commonly known as paracetamol. Both medicines are approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to effectively relieve pains and aches caused by migraines, tension headaches, and various pain.

This effective pain medication came into production when the patent for the branded version, including Tylex and Solpadol, expired. This led to the approved manufacturing of generic pain medication by various leading generic pharmaceutical producers like Zentiva Pharma Europe Limited in Europe. This medication follows the same mechanism of action and provides the same relief as over-the-counter treatments only sold at high street chemists. This medication shares the same structure as the respective patented treatments carrying low-risk side effects.

Although this medication does not tackle the root cause of acute to moderate pain, it does help patients effectively manage the pain caused. Co-codamol is well known for providing people the opportunity to go about daily duties without the need to think about or suffer the effects of pain. Living a happier life without pain and suffering is a reality, thanks to Co-codamol.

What is Co-codamol Used for?

In everyday life, the chance of experiencing acute pain happening is part of life for the most part. Whether the pain is acute and the effects come and go with a course of medication, or symptoms are either left untreated, or the cause is more significant, leading to moderate pain, people use Co-codamol to relieve pain efficiently. Most people are aware of painkillers sold at the local pharmacy, and the other commonality is that these OTC medications are ineffective for the most part.

Thanks to the two active ingredients, most people experiencing acute to moderate pain levels can proactively treat symptoms without causing further harm or discomfort. Conditions including achy muscles, migraines, and toothache, among other symptoms are no match for the combined powers of this analgesic. The effects of unwanted pain can make the simplest daily tasks more bothersome than needed and often affect mental health due to lack of sleep. Co-codamol is widely used to treat pain effectively and allow patients to live a pain and hassle-free life


When other mild painkillers fail to meet the expectation of patients and offer ineffective results, using a dose of Co-codamol responsibly is famous for working wonders in tackling specific pain levels. The prospect of living without pain is now a reality more people across the nation and globe can experience and enjoy in no time.

How Does Co-codamol Work?

The dual functions of Co-codamol are designed to treat pain and minimize cold and flu symptoms. Although both ingredients work in slightly different ways, the overall results of this medication are to relieve various pain and discomfort. By affecting signals that respond between the central nervous system and brain and rebalancing and suppressing the activity of chemicals responsible for inducing acute to moderate pain, colds, inflammation, and persistent fever. The following information indicates the mechanism of action of codeine phosphate and acetaminophen to help people understand how this medicine works.

Codeine-phosphate is a potent opioid-classed medication known to work by binding the mu receptors in the brain. The active ingredients bind to the receptors responsible for signalling pain to the brain and central nervous system (CNS) and reduce the activity, resulting in reduced pain sensations caused by the various types of pain this medication is prescribed for.

Acetaminophen, better known as paracetamol, is a common treatment used to aid and improve the effects caused by the flu, including sore throat, headaches, high fever, and other flu-related symptoms. The active ingredient in paracetamol blocks pain signals by reducing the production and activity of a hormone called prostaglandin. When the amount of the hormone is reduced, so are the sensation and effects of acute to moderate pain.

The Correct Co-codamol Dosage

The proper strength and dosage will differ depending on the severity of symptoms for each individual. Co-codamol is an oral medication that comes in three dosage strengths, with the most common adult dose used containing 500mg of paracetamol and 30mg of codeine. This safe mixture is safe to take with a glass of water once every 4 - 6 hours as needed. To experience the best results, health care providers recommend taking each dose with food to minimize the chance of feeling nauseous after taking the medication.

Using this 2-in-1 opioid and anilide analgesic is effective and safe for most people to curb acute to moderate pain without compromise. Many know the discomforts and inconveniences that come with pain, and using Co-codamol is proven by the FDA and the patients using it as an effective pain medication that offers safe results.

Acute pain can go with a low dose of co-codamol, while more moderate pain caused by damage to the bodies tissue may require a higher dose of painkillers. The three different strengths of this medicine contain are 8mg, 15mg, or 30mg of codeine fused with a standard 500mg dose of paracetamol. Whether symptoms are acute or pain is persisting due to conditions related to bruises and bumps or headaches and migraines, there is a selection of doses available to suit each patient.

The Benefits of Co-codamol

Getting and using an effective medication that tackles pain in two different ways is adding more value and benefits to peoples lives. The effects, results, and safety of Co-codamol are three reasons why more people are using it. Living without pain is more straightforward, thanks to pain medications like Co-codamol. The days, weeks, or months of suffering are over, and so is the need to experience the added stress of going to the doctor to get expensive medications from the pharmacy.

More and more people are jumping at the chance to use this pain reliever for so many different reasons. Anyone looking at reviews from clients that have used this medication will see some of the key benefits they are experiencing. As a result of effectively treating pain, patients highlight in reviews how they are experiencing significant improvements in everyday life and allowing them to get on with their day feeling stronger, healthier and happier.

Other patients are raving about how they are positively improving their mental health by way of enjoying a nights sleep without hassle, discomfort, and agony. More and more people are using Co-codamol to minimize acute to more moderate levels of pain and are starting to focus more on living a stronger, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life without hassles, pain, or fear.

Co-codamol Online

Side Effects from Co-codamol

The side effects associated with co-codamol are rare and preventable when this analgesic is taken according to the instructions indicated by a medical professional. Side effects are common for all medications but fortunately the vast majority of people that opt for this treatment experience fast and effective results without compromise. Many customer reviews highlight that simple lifestyle choices like daily exercise, eating healthy, and keeping good hydration help minimize risk.

The minor side effects associated with Co-codamol include, but are not limited to:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Stomach pain
  • Drowsiness
  • Increased heart rate

The beneficial results that Co-codamol offers far exceed any risks when taken as per the usage and dosage guide. If anyone does experience any adverse side effects when taking this pain medicine are advised to stop using the treatment and seek medical assistance immediately if serious side effects persist. The complete list of Co-codamol side effects is easily accessible on the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) found on our website.

Why Co-codamol is Safe to Use

The high profiles of safety, effectiveness and quality of both ingredients are trialled, tested, and proven by the FDA, through the generic drugs program. As a generic painkiller, co-codamol is a direct copy of the original branded version of both medications that the FDA confirms identically matches the dosage, safety, reliability, quality, and stability and offers the same effective results without carrying the risk of any nasty side effects. Final test results confirm that this analgesic medication safely treats a vast majority of people suffering acute to moderate pain.

Although the general safety of this medication is fitting for most people experiencing acute to moderate pain, there are people that co-codamol may be unsuitable for. Avoid using co-codamol if you are allergic to codeine or paracetamol as taking this medication will cause rashes, and swelling of the throat, lips, and mouth.

Co-codamol is not suitable for children under the age of 12 and should be kept out of reach at all times. Speak to a doctor before using co-codamol if patients have any conditions related to the kidneys, heart, or liver, or are under 18. The overall safety of this medication ranks high, giving most people suffering unnecessary pain a better and more efficient way of tacking symptoms confidently when taken as instructed by a doctor or following the patient information leaflet (PIL) available at

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