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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your online pharmacy sell quality, approved medications?

When you purchase medication from our established online pharmacy, the medication you receive is an original product sourced directly from the manufacturers of the medication. This could be an original branded medication or a generic version, but both being FDA approved products that are safe and effective. You can expect original brand or generic packaging and the manufacturer's leaflet inserted into the packaging.

Branded or generic medication…which is better?

Branded and generic medications in essence are, the same thing. The Food and Drug Administration requires that both types of medications are of the same quality and perform in the same way. In addition, both medications are required to be composed of the same ingredients and the medication as well as the packaging must pass stringent testing.

The only difference is in the large amount of capital required in order to develop, market and thereafter sell the branded medication. Hence, generics are much cheaper and may look different in packaging and appearance due to trademark restrictions.

For how long can I keep the medication?

All medication has the date of manufacture and the expiration date printed either on the packaging or on the blister. When the medication has reached its expiration date, ensure that it is discarded safely.

Where can I obtain additional product information?

Our online platform provides you with all the information you require. For each medication offered by us, there is ample information about what the medication is used for, directions for use, dosage, minor side effects and warnings where relevant. You need not look any further than our website however, should you require clarity on any particular issue, kindly contact our online customer care consultants who are trained to assist you. Also, read up our policies and disclaimers for more information about us and our available products.

How do I purchase medication from your online pharmaceutical platform?

All you have to do is browse through the medication offered for sale on our website. Add the medication you wish to purchase to your shopping cart in the required quantity. Click the checkout button when you wish to complete your purchase and thereafter, fill in the blank fields on the digital form appearing on your screen.

How do I benefit from purchasing medication online?

Not only will you enjoy the benefit of purchasing your medication from the comfort of your home or office, your purchases are also discreetly and efficiently delivered to your door.

Medication is far more affordable when purchased from our online platform and you can purchase your medication at any time or any day of the week. In addition, online customer care agents are available around the clock to provide assistance if required. Online shopping is truly convenient and seamless.

Is purchasing medication online secure?

Yes. All our payment gateways are secure ensuring your safety during all transactions and while browsing.

What is generic medication in lay terms?

Generics medications are equally as effective as the original branded versions. Both contain the same ingredients. Patents are allowed on all new medications to allow the original manufacturers to recoup the original research and development costs, as well as to be able to make profits without facing competition from other manufacturers.

Patents typically last 20 years, however, after the patent on the original branded medication has expired, other manufacturers are able to make and sell identical generic versions of the original branded medication.

There is such a wide variety to choose from. What are all the medications used to treat?

The medication we offer currently fall within three categories. Medication for the treatment of anxiety, sleep aids and painkillers. In terms of anti-anxiety medication, we provide clonazepam, lorazepam, diazepam, and alprazolam which are highly effective treatment options. If you are looking for an effective sleep aid, eszopiclone, nitrazepam, zolpidem tartrate or zopiclone can assist you in not only falling asleep faster, but in helping you to remain asleep through the night.

Painkillers include pregabalin, gabapentin, tramadol and codeine phosphate. These medications provide relief from mild pain to severe pain effectively and safely.

Many of our treatment options may be dual-acting with more than one benefit or being able to treat more than one condition. Browse our product section to view the full range of medications.