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What is Eszopiclone?

  • By Admin
  • Sep 06, 2022
What is Eszopiclone?

Eszopiclone is a non-benzodiazepine sedative used to treat insomnia. As a sedative-hypnotic, Eszopiclone produces a calming effect that helps people to fall asleep and offers great relaxation before bedtime. For people who find it difficult to stay asleep, wake too early, or cannot get to sleep easily this can be a great medication. It was originally sold under the brand name Lunesta but is available now as a generic drug.

Generic medications are originally produced by major pharmaceutical companies, but once the patents expire other manufacturers are allowed to use the active ingredients in their own medication. Eszopiclone is a generic drug and offers all the same qualities as the branded drug Lunesta. There is no difference in safety or strength, the drugs are the same in all but name.

Insomnia is a condition that affects a great many people, with studies by the NHS showing it may be around 30% of people in Europe alone. The condition has a draining effect on the lives of the people who suffer from it, being chronically tired during the day and unable to rest properly at night. This has an impact on work, health, and relationships so it is no wonder that people seek treatment for the disorder.

What is Eszopiclone Used for?

Most people will experience a few sleepless nights at some stage, due to stress or a restless mind. This is normal and will not usually have a lasting effect on the person. Chronic insomnia, however, is experienced for months or years at a time and has serious health implications for the person enduring it. Mental health is largely regulated by sleep, and people who suffer from sleep deprivation can develop anxiety, depression, or worse.

Eszopiclone can offer relief and help boost the mental state of people who are experiencing sleep issues. Physical health conditions can be made much worse by lack of sleep also. People who are experiencing chronic pain will often have to deal with trouble sleeping also, and this state will only make the causes of pain worse. One of the main benefits of Eszopiclone for pain sufferers besides sleep is the calming feeling it induces.

This calming feeling can help the person cope with pain as well as get proper rest. This helps the healing process or at least aids in pain management and staves off the worst implications of pain and no sleep. Eszopiclone can also be used by people with anxiety due to the sensations it produces - the calmness and relaxation can help with the feelings of panic and worry and offer some relief.


How Does Eszopiclone Work?

Eszopiclone works in the central nervous system by binding to the receptors that are activated by Gamma-aminobutyric acid. These GABA receptors help produce the feelings of calm and relaxation that induce sleep. It is fast acting and also works as a muscle relaxant which further aids in getting to sleep. Eszopiclone is highly effective and has low toxicity so the potential side effects are easy to control making it a great long-term solution.

This ability to be used as a long-term medication makes Eszopiclone somewhat unique amongst medications of its class and is one of the reasons why it is so popular. People with long-term insomnia, especially due to mental illness can safely use this as a lasting solution to their sleep disorder and enjoy great sleep.

Sleep patterns can be improved by implementing a few lifestyle changes, and these changes can help the medication work even better. Regular exercise and a good diet as part of a healthy lifestyle will greatly help people achieve proper, restful sleep. Avoiding alcohol and drugs can also aid in sleep as they often exacerbate anxiety symptoms, so drinking in moderation can be a good choice for people with sleep disorders.

The Correct Eszopiclone Dosage

To get the most out of this medication it is essential to take the correct amount and at the right time. A usual dose of Eszopiclone is 2mg for a good night of sleep, taken immediately before bed. The medication should only be taken at night, or at least before bed so 1 tablet per day is the general recommendation.

The maximum daily dose for Eszopiclone is 3mg, but most people will find a 2mg dose to be more than sufficient. Elderly patients will metabolize the drug more slowly so a 1mg standard dose is recommended for anyone over the age of 65. It is essential to follow all dosage instructions when taking this medication and use it at the appropriate times.

There are a few things that people can do to get the best possible results when using Eszopiclone. Ensure that plenty of water is drunk before taking the medication to help the metabolism, and avoid heavy, fatty meals as they slow the onset of the drug. Avoid alcohol before taking sleeping medication as the combination can cause depressed breathing among other complications.

The Benefits of Eszopiclone

Using Eszopiclone has many benefits for people who need to effectively treat sleeping disorders. Having a structured bedtime routine and getting the correct amount of rest will give a more positive mood, and improve both relationships and productivity. People with sleep problems can often have a haphazard resting schedule, but using Eszopiclone will help get this back on track, especially with frequent use.

One of the main benefits is the ability for long-term use, as chronic insomnia can last for months or years. This treatment is safe to use for long periods as it is easily metabolised and flushed from the system. Chronic insomnia patients will appreciate the speed at which they fall asleep, the length of time they can rest, and how long the medication can help them.

As a generic medication, Eszopiclone is available for purchase online making it easily accessible and fast to get hold of. Prescriptions are not required for this medication, making it even easier to treat chronic insomnia. It is an excellent medication for those requiring fast, effective relief from sleep disorders, and for those who want the convenience of buying online.

Eszopiclone Online

Side Effects from Eszopiclone

Eszopiclone may have some side effects that accompany the use of the drug, however, as the medication is taken at night and causes sleep, most will go unnoticed. The main concern would be drowsiness during the daytime but this can be managed by taking the correct dose. Experiencing side effects does not mean the medication is unsafe, and most users find that the side effects are heavily outweighed by the positive effects. Some of the known side effects are:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Daytime drowsiness

If any of these side effects are noticed during the day, lowering the dosage or sleeping earlier at night may help. It should be noted that users should be prepared for a full 7-8 hours of rest when using Eszopiclone and trying to rest for less time than this could cause side effects. To negate the potential side effects of the medication, ensure the instructions for use are read thoroughly and followed accordingly. This will give the best chance of using the medication safely.

Some medications may not be advisable to use when taking Eszopiclone, and some medical conditions can impact how the drug works in the system. People dependent on alcohol should not take this medication, and some illicit drugs may not be advisable to use with sleeping tablets. If you are pregnant or have liver disease consult a doctor before use.

Why Eszopiclone is Safe to Use

The Food and Drugs Administration Generic Drugs Program has approved Eszopiclone for long-term use. This government approval gives complete assurance that the drug can be safely used to treat chronic insomnia. This organisation approves all generic drugs after testing them for compliance, but the approval for long-term use of this particular medication stands out as a major endorsement from the FDA.

To ensure the safest possible use of Eszopiclone it is recommended that users familiarise themselves with all the product information and follow all instructions on how to take the medication. This includes advice on when to take, how much to take and accompanying food or beverages. These guidelines not only ensure safety but maximise the effectiveness of the medication and give the best results.

To ensure safe use when taking high doses of Eszopiclone, or when taking for long periods of time it is advised to slowly reduce the dosage of the medication. This can help users avoid any negative withdrawal symptoms, however, if the dose is already low or the use less than a couple of weeks it may not be necessary.

To ensure the maximum strength and effectiveness of Eszopiclone, store the medication in a dry, cool area away from direct light. Keep the medication sealed in the packaging until use, unless using a pill box. A pill box can assist with taking the correct amount of the medication and help with not forgetting a dose. For a full list of safety guidelines and instructions on how to use the medication, view the Patient Information Leaflet at

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