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What is Pregabalin?

  • By Admin
  • Sep 06, 2022
What is Pregabalin?

Pregabalin is the certified generic medication originally sold under the patented brand name Lyrica. This medication is a versatile anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and analgesic medication, first invented at Northwestern University by Richard Bruce Silverman. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in the USA approved the medical use of this medication under the various patent-protected brands. However, in 2019, the patent of the branded version expired, initiating the manufacture of generic versions of the same drug.

Pregabalin, by law, is manufactured following the same processing protocols as the branded version. This is to ensure bioequivalence and the way the medication functions in the brain and body to confirm that they are identical, according to the generic drugs program of the FDA. Pregabalin is as effective at providing safe and effective treatment with little risk of side effects, just like the branded versions.

The strength, safety and versatility of this medication is monitored and confirmed by the FDA in the country of manufacture, which allows genuine generic pharmaceutical producers to manufacture this medication. Anyone experiencing unwanted pain and agony can use this medication to tackle pain head-on. The same goes for those who are tired of living in constant fear caused by anxiety. Using this medication can help more people in the community enjoy brighter and much better days with this genuine generic medication.

What is Pregabalin Used for?

When we feel the sensations that come from pain and discomfort, this is the body and brains way of letting you know something is not right. The root cause of pain differs in so many ways, and having the ability to relieve pain makes the recovery process much more tolerable and easier to manage. Different types of pain are acute, chronic, radicular pain, nociceptive and in the case of Pregabalin, Neuropathic pain. The effects of this multipurpose medication allow more people to treat more than one condition with the strength that each medicated dose provides.


Pregabalin is an effective short-term treatment primarily aimed at helping patients alleviate the hassle and discomforts of neuropathic pains. Although the main use of this medication is to minimize nerve pain, it is also commonly prescribed to treat other debilitating health conditions that include epileptic seizures and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

In some cases, patients can use this medication to minimize the effects of opioid withdrawal symptoms and restless leg syndrome. When the traditional over-the-counter (OTC) medications fail to provide adequate relief, patients and doctors quickly turn to Pregabalin to get highly effective relief without risk or fear of experiencing side effects.

How Does Pregabalin Work?

The way this multipurpose medication works in the brain is unique. Although the primary mechanism functions in a particular way, the effects are responsible for treating multiple conditions. Pregabalin functions in the brain by blocking the neurotransmitters that are responsible for sending pain signals between the brain and spinal cord. This medication decreases the number of signals transmitting pain and changes how the body responds to nerve damage and pain to provide consistent relief to make it easier to manage the underlying cause.

This medication treats generalized anxiety disorders and seizures because the mechanism of action effectively rebalances overactive chemicals in the brain that can cause the brain to go into overdrive. When this medication takes effect, the results show a quick release of calming messages that respond to the central nervous system. When this occurs, patients experience an increasing level of calm and relaxation in the body and brain.

The final results of this minimizes the chemical imbalance that causes anxiety and efficiently decreases the likelihood of an epileptic patient experiencing seizures. Pregabalin works in the body effectively and makes it easier for patients to get a step ahead of symptoms of pain, anxiety and fear to live their life in complete confidence.

The Correct Pregabalin Dosage

The following dosage instruction guide indicates the safest amount of Pregabalin to take, depending on the targeted condition. No matter what condition patients are treating, this medication is taken by mouth with a full glass of water. The correct time to take each dose and the strength is determined based on the condition. It is recommended that users consume the tablet with food as this will help reduce nausea symptoms and help with digestion. Avoid chewing, crushing, or breaking the tablet to prevent any related side effects from occurring.

The standard adult dose for:

Neuropathic (nerve) pain: Patients can start with a 75mg dose of Pregabalin 2 times per day. In the first 7 days, depending on the efficacy and tolerance to the treatment, if the analgesic relief is ineffective, users can increase the dosage to 150 mg - 300 mg twice per day, not exceeding the maximum 600 mg per day. If pain persists beyond 28 days, speak to a doctor for advice on the next course of action.

Epilepsy: This condition can be treated with a divided dose of 150 mg daily, split into 2 - 3 doses. After the first week, patients can maintain the effects by increasing the amount to 150 - 600 mg, 2 - 3 times per day for a further 1 - 2 weeks. Do not take more than 600 mg per day, as this increases the risks of severe side effects and overdosing

Generalized Anxiety disorder: The typical dose is between 150 mg - 600 mg, separated into 2 - 3 doses per day. It is recommended that patients take a 3 - 4-week course of pregabalin, depending on the severity of the condition. If symptoms persist after 28 days, speak to a medical professional for advice.

The Benefits of Pregabalin

The many benefits offered by Pregabalin are shown in high volumes through reviews from people who have used the medication. The high levels of effectiveness and safety are key indicators as to why people suffering different types of unwanted pain, epileptic seizures, or overwhelming fear from anxiety are using this pain reliever to combat symptoms effectively.

Patients often point out that taking this medication as part of a daily tapering off schedule has helped minimize their condition in record time and safely reducing each daily dose. Typically, using the recommended dose each day over a set 28-day period allows patients to target the condition and minimize the negative effects. More patients using a short-term course of Pregabalin are regaining a better sense of normality every day and significantly improving their quality of life.

Thanks to generic medications, People from many different walks of life all across the globe are bidding farewell to lingering pain and discomfort. Reducing the hassles and stresses that come from anxiety and taking control of symptoms is simpler so looking forward to every day in full force is now a reality with generic medications like Pregabalin being available.

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Side Effects from Pregabalin

When people take Pregabalin following the dosage and usage guide instructed by a doctor or according to the patient information leaflet, the chance of side effects is minimal. The common side effects of this medication are all considered minor and bear little to no impact on patient health and safety. People using Pregabalin can further prevent any side effects happening by drinking plenty of water, consuming a healthy diet and maintaining a regular exercise routine.

The common side effects associated with Pregabalin include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased appetite
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pains
  • Back pain

When users take this medication as directed, the likelihood of side effects occurring is extremely rare. In the unforeseen circumstances where patients do experience adverse side effects associated with this medication, stop using the medicine immediately. If the severe side effects continue, seek medical assistance without delay. To get more information regarding safe consumption and a complete list of side effects associated with Pregabalin, clients can read the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) found on our user-friendly website.

Why Pregabalin is Safe to Use

Pregabalin follows the same procedures implemented by the FDA. Through the generic drugs program, officials ensure the generic version is bioequivalent to the market brand version. All related compliance and approval agencies set up this safety program to confirm the key standards regarding the dosage, strength, safety, quality and reliability identically match, meaning the likelihood of side effects occurring are low or do not occur at all. Just like Lyrica, Pregabalin offers highly effective results for treating pain and anxiety and minimizing the threat of an epileptic episode.

Pregabalin is an effective medication that most people can use to relieve unwanted neuropathic pain and the various conditions this medication is prescribed to treat. Although this medication is beneficial to most people, there are certain groups of individuals that may not benefit from using this medication and should exercise caution and speak to a doctor first.

Do not take Pregabalin if you are allergic to the medication or similar treatments to avoid the onset of adverse reactions like hives, rashes and asphyxia. If you suffer a pre-existing heart, lung, kidney, or liver disease, speak to a doctor or medical professional before taking this medication. Refer to the PIL found here at for more details regarding safe use.

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